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Sunday 30 October

The evil Ellergronn forest beckons. Join us on the outskirts of Esch-sur-Alzette for a night of ghoulish cinematic goodies.

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  Sunday, 30.10.2016

Openscreen Halloween

Openscreen @ Ellergronn

A light flickers in the darkness. An owl hoots as fireflies scatter to make way for a teaming mass of dark figures slowly making their way towards the light... a light that is ever so slowly flooding a lone projector-screen with images most foul!

YES! It's time for another Openscreen Halloween special. Join us in the middle of the wistful Ellergronn woods, just a stone throw from the center of Esch-sur-Alzette. We will provide cosy campfire for burning marshmallows on a stake, gallons of blood to quench your thirst, and films guaranteed to scare you witless.

So, whether you want to join us as a guest and/or have scary material to be projected, do get in touch with us.

So how do I get involved?

TO WATCH MOVIES: No registration or booking necessary, just show up on the day (but don't be late!).

TO SHOW YOUR MOVIE: Contact us at


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Ellergronn Wild Life Sanctuary


20:00 CET
Sunday, 30.10.2016

Expect the unexpected...


Get involved!

Whether you simply want to come to watch movies or want to send us your home-cooked creation... here's how to take part in one of our events.

Come watch movies:
No tickets, registration or booking required, simply come and enjoy the show (just don't be late!). Attendance is free of charge (small contributions are however accepted and much appreciated... we even have a collection boxy-thingy for just that purpose at all our events).

Submit a movie:
Everyone is welcome to take part. There are no restrictions based on age, professional background, nationality or country of residence. Simply get in touch with us using the email address provided below, and tell us about your project. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, just follow the guidelines below:

  1. Movie has to be less than 20 minutes long.
  2. No hate or pornography
  3. Make sure to respect submission deadlines.

Please note that time-slots at our events are limited and allotted on a first-come first-served basis.

Everyone is welcome

From absolute beginners to experienced industry professionals... we welcome movie contributions by all comers!

What is Openscreen?

In a nutshell...

  • We organise movie screenings that are open to everyone.
  • No curation or selection of films. All films submitted are shown.
  • Our events are not competitions. There are no prizes or juries.
  • Max 20 minute film length
  • No hate or pornography allowed.
  • New exciting venue each time.
  • Free of charge for audience members and film-makers alike.

Background and philosophy...

We're open. Since hosting our first event in 2004, Openscreen has provided a stage for film-makers to experiment and try out new ideas. We set no criteria for the theme, style or genre of the work submitted. These are entirely up to the film maker. What we do provide are exciting venues and the instant feedback of a live audience. As we do not select or curate the work shown at our events, both the audience and the those submitting films can expect to experience the unexpected.

For everyone. Over the years we have screened home-cooked movies by first time film-makers as well as the work of seasoned industry professionals. All this makes for a exciting events where new points of view are expressed and interesting conversations are started between film-makers and the live audience.

Open to all

There are no age or geographical restrictions. Everyone is welcome to submit a movie.

Fun format

Max 20 minutes. All subject matters okay (except hate, discrimination, pornography etc).

Great Venues

Each event is hosted at a new and exciting venue

Not a competition!

We do not give out any prizes or judge the movies shown.